Bella Collina Club House

Enjoy the charm of this historic small town nestled on the western shore of Lake Apopka. Montverde has parks and recreation, a cemetery where eight Confederate and one Union veterans are buried, archeological artifacts finds, including a Timucua canoe, and the only fish cabin in existence used in the early 1900’s when Lake Apopka was wordly known as a premier sport-fishing destination. Also in the Town is the 125-acre private, non-profit boarding school campus of the Montverde Academy, established in 1912, with stately buildings and an international student body. Montverde plans to revitalize its Town Center while preserving its small town atmosphere and living. Montverde is also home to Bella Collina, a Tuscan-inspired gated community situated on Lake Apopka.

The Town of Montverde, the site of an early Indian settlement, also has a long and rich history. Centuries ago this area along the shoreline of Lake Apopka was first populated by Native Americans speaking the Timucua language. By the middle of the 18th century it was populated by the Seminoles after the Timucua Indians were decimated by epidemics. Many Timucua artifacts have been found by area residents on the west shore of Lake Apopka, from scattered isolated artifacts to burial mounds with remains, and a dug out canoe that is on display at the Helen Lehmann Memorial Library in Montverde.

Today, the Town of Montverde has maintained its rural character amidst the inevitable growth that surrounds it. Luxurious residential communities have been developed in unincorporated Montverde and Sugarloaf Mountain. In 2002, the State of Florida granted Montverde’s main road CR455, along with Old SR 50, the designation of a Florida Scenic Highway (known as the Green Mountain Scenic Byway), providing a way to conserve the area, as well as to beautify it. Along with this development, Montverde plans to revitalize its Town Center while preserving its small town atmosphere and living.

Source: Town of Montverde